DR. Major (R) Qaiser Majeed Malik

Chairman, Pakistan Science Foundation

The project Student Talent Farming Scheme (STFS) has been conceived by the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) under the umbrella of the Government of Pakistan’s Pakistan Vision 2025 program. I strongly believe that if brought to fruition, our students’ potential can help us realise the goals set within Pakistan Vision 2025.

Primarily STFS was put in place to help Pakistan achieve a knowledge based economy by building the scientific ability and capacity of students with an already strong aptitude for science and technology. The program endeavors to nurture deserving and talented students via educational interventions that will take place alongside their formal education. I am personally committed to ensuring that the younger generation, more than 63% of Pakistan’s population, is inclined toward and engaged with science and technology learning through sustainable and high quality programs.

Annually, 300 students from all over Pakistan who have passed their matriculation from Government schools will be selected via a third-party evaluation process and groomed to engage and excel in various scientific disciplines. In parallel with a number of science related activities, we are so excited to be able to provide these deserving students with PKR 10,000 per month along with laptops and free internet connections.

Additionally, a state of the art National Science School equipped with world-class scientific facilities will be established in Pakistan. This school will be able to accommodate 1,500 students. We hope to inaugurate the facilities with an intake of 300 students from Grade 8. They will be provided free high quality education and boarding facilities. The students will be selected, purely on merit, from Pakistani public schools.

At the Pakistan Science Foundation, we are fully committed to promoting Science and Technology in Pakistan. We understand that the way forward is paved with the dreams of our students. Helping them realize these dreams is our mandate. We hope the Student Talent Farming Scheme will help our students transcend obstacles they may be facing in the pursuit of their scientific education, allowing them to work toward becoming the future scientists and leaders of Pakistan. I am confident that with this spirit and determination, and under the visionary guidance of our Honorable Prime Minister, we shall make Pakistan a Scientific & Technological Pakistan.

As the famous British philosopher John Locke once said, “Instead of forcing the children to memorize texts and rules and to beat them if they forgot, it is recommended that the teachers and parents encourage practice of skills in carefully graduated steps matched to their age, experience and temperament.”

I will end this note with the saying of Jean Piaget, “learning is combination of testing, experimenting, questioning and reasoning, first with the concrete word and then with the formal logic of science and algebra.”

We are here to usher in a new era of Science and Technology.
Let’s build our prosperous future together!